A winter garden is a room that performs many practical and decorative functions. Stable and durable aluminum structures allow a great deal of freedom in the design process and the implementation of customer ideas. A winter garden is well matched to the architecture of the building and forms a harmonious combination with it. High-quality construction ensures many years of use. A winter garden can be used all year round, regardless of the weather. You can arrange it to serve as a room for plants or an additional sun room to enlarge the living area of the house. A winter garden improves the thermal performance and aesthetic qualities of the building serving as a perfect place for relaxation and meeting with friends. The use of sliding door technology allows for quick and easy opening of a large part of the winter garden wall for seamless integration with the surrounding nature in the summer.

Winter gardens are made of warm profiles that prevent frost. A plastic spacer is placed inside the aluminum profile to prevent the appearance of frost on the inside of the winter garden structure. Thanks to the low heat transfer coefficient of the glazing, the garden is warm and airtight.



Winter garden 1

Winter garden 2

Winter garden 3

Winter garden 4