Aluminum or PVC windows? Choose wisely!

A robust window is a guarantee of reliability for many years, regardless of the material used. Is it fair to say that profiles made of aluminum are better than those made of PVC? Or is it the other way around? The answer is equivocal. The two completely different types of materials work best in different situations. Therefore, before deciding on installation, be sure to evaluate their properties and make your choice much easier.


PVC windows – quality at an affordable price


PVC is by far the most popular type of window today, combining excellent functionality with affordability.  PVC is easy to mold, yielding products with a variety of shapes. PVC windows are perceived as “warm” windows. They are airtight and hardly allow heat to pass through them so you get energy savings. They also isolate sound well.

The latest manufacturing technologies reduce the defects that have been associated with these windows for years. The first is sun sensitivity. Old low-quality profiles tended to gradually turn yellow when exposed to natural light. Currently used protective measures ensure insensitivity to the harmful effects of UV.


Do PVC windows have no disadvantages?


First of all, plastic is a low-rigidity material. It allows for the manufacture of standard-sized windows but is not the best solution for larger profiles. Large glazing sizes require really solid profiles so that the whole structure can perform without failure for a long time.


Aluminum then!


Seen as exclusive and reserved for office buildings for years, they have now gained popularity in private homes. They most often decorate modern buildings, giving them incredible aesthetic qualities.

They are both lightweight and rigid, which is why they are perfect for use on high-performance glazing. During manufacture, it is also possible to bend profiles to obtain windows with individual non-standard shapes.

The strength and stability of the material make it possible to use frames with a smaller surface, thus increasing the glazing area. Interestingly, although they are considered by many to be “cold,” their energy efficiency parameters are currently similar to those of PVC.


Does this mean that they are better?



Price is the major factor in this case. Metal frames are generally much more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Furthermore, if the profile is scratched, discolored, or otherwise damaged, local repair is not possible and it must be replaced in its entirety.


A safe compromise!


Fortunately, the features of both types of windows can be combined. PVC profiles with aluminum cladding keep their best durability and energy efficiency parameters and an aesthetically pleasing appearance and at the same time are more affordable. They come in a diverse palette of colors

and shapes so they can be perfectly matched to the appearance of the facade.

With technological development, the biggest drawbacks of solutions are gradually being eliminated. Regardless of what you choose, if you decide on a specific window model, you can be sure that we will honestly and accurately tell you about all its parameters. You have a lifetime guarantee on it!