Virtual reality

A few days ago, our company had the pleasure of hosting a representative of Schuoco, a company specializing in modern woodwork. Our guest made a presentation using 3D glasses that allow for spatial vision. In the virtual world, we had the opportunity to learn about Schuco’s aluminum systems solutions, such as panoramas, HS, and windows in different environments, and assemble an aluminum facade.


Thanks to modern technology, we could assemble a piece of the facade on a huge, spatial virtual production hall. Our employees were also thrilled to see ALU joinery in a large office building, with huge glazing in the center of a well-known city, and glazing in a large single-family house overlooking a beautiful flowering garden.


We could decide which system and setting we wanted to see up close. We had the following options to choose from: facades, sliding and lift-and-slide systems, i.e. Panorama and HS, and standard tilt-and-turn windows that you can see on our website and www.schueco.com. The presentation made in our showroom turned an ordinary daily routine at work into an interesting and entertaining lesson. The contact with virtual reality impressed our entire team.



We would like to thank Schuco for the opportunity to use 3D glasses.