Winter gardens – functionality all year round

It’s sad to say that due to the geographical location, we cannot enjoy greenery in the garden all year round. However, you still can relax among beautiful flowers at home while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

A winter garden can be both a resting place that serves as a living room and a conservatory where the decorative plants are the main theme. Glazing allows you to commune with nature at any time of the year so you can enjoy being surrounded by snow or beautiful flowers.

The construction consists of glass walls and a roof that preserves warmth and provides an excellent view of the outdoors. With a beautiful view, you have the feeling of being in the garden, while warmth and decor allow you to enjoy the delights of being indoors. To make both these states possible, you need the right glazing.


Building a garden                       

As the name suggests, you can enjoy their beauty and functionality in winter as well. However, you should plan their  construction during the warmer months. It is worth thinking about it when you plan the house but you are free to do otherwise.

Remember that a winter garden is a building structure. Due to the skeleton, usually made of aluminum, and appropriately sized glass, the structure needs a foundation. The roof is usually made at a certain angle so that the snow can slide off easily.


Winter gardens are often planned at the building design stage, but they can be constructed using an existing terrace as well. You should select glass with the appropriate transmittance depending on the geographic direction. You will get the most sunlight if you face the structure towards the south. On cold days, you can save on heating while providing the plants with optimum temperature and light.  Think about what purpose your winter garden is to serve and choose the best option.


A beautiful complement to the body of the building

A winter garden can also be a great way to give your home a beautiful architectural touch. Those who enjoy aesthetically pleasing things are free to choose the type and color of profiles, the size of glass,  and the type of doors. You can also experiment with the shape, choosing structures that are on a polygon plan.


Winter garden – where to start?

If you are planning to build a winter garden and have questions, you are welcome to contact us. We will indicate materials with excellent performance and aesthetic qualities so that you can have a reliable structure for many years.