Single-family house – DMD window and door projects

PVC + ALU = heat + personality.

This is ensured by a combination of Schuco Living 82 MD profiles with TOP ALU exterior overlays. The excellent thermal insulation achieved through the use of seven-chamber PVC profiles is enriched with a modern finish. The aluminum overlay is installed on the window from the outside. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it is a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The woodwork harmonizes well with the simple architecture of modern houses.

The expanded TOP ALU system allows for the construction of windows, balconies, lift-and-slide doors, and exterior doors. Aluminum overlays are powder-coated in any RAL color in a smooth or rough texture, satisfying any demanding customer. The use of aluminum overlays on PVC window and door profiles is an innovative solution with excellent technical parameters and a favorable alternative to aluminum joinery.

It is worth adding a few words about the joinery installation itself. The layered installation carried out by our employees involved the use of vapor-permeable and vapor-proof tapes in addition to mounting foam. The tapes are designed to protect the foam from moisture. What is the result? It is warm, tight, and free of thermal bridges. Thanks to the use of a lift, the glazing of the largest components was carried out safely and quickly.