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Difficult times in the construction industry but this is not the case in our company!

              The pandemic, the end of which no one has yet officially announced, has caused a short-term sales crisis and a long-term raw materials crisis in the woodwork industry for the past three years. Fortunately, we have seen significant increases in the production and sales of windows and doors […]

Meeting with representatives of Profine

    Employee training is a key element of our business. It allows us to learn about the technical innovations that manufacturers are bringing to the market. And so it was this time!   Representatives of Profine, a company that sells Kommerling profiles, came to us to share their experience. We used this time very […]

Garage door – what do you need to know before making a purchase?

  Investors looking for garage doors are finding it increasingly difficult to make a good choice. What to look for when choosing a garage door so as not to get lost in the maze of different offers available on the market? Whether a garage is a separate building or a part of the house, the […]

Final stage of plant upgrade

We have good news!   We are nearing the end of the expansion of our headquarters. The shop floor is already bustling, which means that we started operations. The square has also been completed. The conference room and offices are ready for the first visitors.   We are looking forward to showing you new models […]

Good exposure to light and a beautiful view outside the window

When choosing sliding balcony doors, we primarily focus on technical issues. Thanks to the sliding systems, the doors can be opened and closed easily, without applying much force. The sliding systems also have other advantages. They provide good light and a beautiful view outside the window.   Modern construction is moving away from installing traditional […]

How do you reduce your electricity and gas bills?

Almost everyone has felt huge increases in electricity and gas prices. What can you do so that you are not shocked by the energy bill? The answer is trivially simple: invest in energy-efficient window frames that guarantee lower energy consumption and lower costs.   Thanks to new regulations, energy-efficient windows are gradually becoming a standard. […]

Winter gardens – functionality all year round

It’s sad to say that due to the geographical location, we cannot enjoy greenery in the garden all year round. However, you still can relax among beautiful flowers at home while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. A winter garden can be both a resting place that serves as a living room and a […]

Aluminum or PVC windows? Choose wisely!

A robust window is a guarantee of reliability for many years, regardless of the material used. Is it fair to say that profiles made of aluminum are better than those made of PVC? Or is it the other way around? The answer is equivocal. The two completely different types of materials work best in different […]

Minimalist and modern aluminum doors by DMD at a happy customer.

A special project combining unique design, top quality, and precise workmanship. The double-sided overlay panel used made it possible to achieve a smooth door surface on both the exterior and interior sides. The advantage of aluminum doors is their resistance to deformation and warping. The product is unique thanks to its size: the almost 3-meter-long […]

Virtual reality

A few days ago, our company had the pleasure of hosting a representative of Schuoco, a company specializing in modern woodwork. Our guest made a presentation using 3D glasses that allow for spatial vision. In the virtual world, we had the opportunity to learn about Schuco’s aluminum systems solutions, such as panoramas, HS, and windows in […]

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