A sectional garage door is functional, robust, and safe, and has good thermal insulation to serve its intended purpose. It has a versatile appearance to match any type of house facade. Depending on your needs, it can be opened manually or with an electric drive. The door operation system ensures adequate space for parking a car. The leaf moves along vertical and horizontal ceiling guides. Sectional doors can be adapted to different types of garages and entrance widths, including double garages.

A roller garage door is a versatile solution that can be installed both in newly-built and existing buildings. Space saving is an important advantage of this system. If the driveway to the garage is short or leads directly to the street, the door working in the vertical plane is a particularly good solution. The operation is similar to that used in external roller blinds. The profiles from which the armor is built have good thermal and acoustic insulation.


Horizontal wide rib

Horizontal narrow rib

Look from the inside

Plain panel


Belt-driven motors ensure smooth and quiet door operation. They are characterized by durability and reliability. They are controlled with 2 or 4 channel remote controls with a working range of up to 200 m. They have a high level of security, thanks to the use of an impossible to copy code.

Four-channel remote control

Two-channel remote control

Portable remote control