Mosquito nets provide excellent indoor protection against insects, bugs, and pollution from the environment. They also ensure adequate access to daylight and free air circulation. Mosquito netting is made of high-quality black or gray fiberglass. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in the production of mosquito nets, they are resistant to weather conditions.



Fixed frame mosquito net

The fixed-frame mosquito net is mounted on the outside of the window frame. Thanks to the rotating hooks, attaching and removing the mosquito net takes little time and is extremely easy.

Open frame mosquito net

The open-frame mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame with self-closing hinges. With additional reinforcements, larger mosquito nets are also possible. This type of mosquito net is used for balcony doors.

Sliding mosquito net

The sliding frame mosquito net is used in large glazed alcoves of balconies, terraces, and winter gardens. The mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame. The mosquito net leaf slides along the upper and lower running rails.