Sliding systems give the possibility of using large glazing affecting the arrangement of the interior, improving its aesthetics and lighting. The installation of the system is encouraged by the impressive view of the garden, a convenient exit to the terrace, balcony, access to the winter garden or glazed outbuildings. By using large glazing on the sunny side of the house, the room will be additionally heated in winter.

HS PVC sliding doors

HS ALU sliding doors

ALU accordion doors

HS PVC sliding doors




HS doors, Sliding

HS is a modern lift-and-slide door for the development of large areas. This solution gives the effect of a glass wall and provides spacious access to the terrace and a view of the garden. Optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, profile durability and stability as well as noiseless operation when sliding the door leaf guarantee comfort during use. Lift-and-slide door systems can be easily customized with a variety of opening options.

PSK doors, Sliding

The tilt and slide hardware system is used in windows and patio doors. In this system, the active leaf can be slightly tilted or slid, which allows for optimal use of the room space and provides more light in the interior  compared to the traditional way of opening the leaf. It is suitable for those who want to achieve optical enlargement of the room and better daylight but do not need a large clear opening.

Accordion doors, Sliding

The fold-and-slide door system is characterized by diversity, noiseless operation, tightness, and transparency. It offers unlimited possibilities  for light-saturated architectural designs. It consists of two to six leaves that can slide symmetrically to both sides or entirely to one side. Special rollers guarantee smooth and easy operation. Thanks to their features, accordion doors have a light, modern, and spacious appearance.


The use of modern and durable insulating glass units made of the highest quality components has a positive effect on the heat transfer coefficient of the entire window and, consequently, on the energy balance of the entire house. Appropriate selection of panes from the many available types improves the comfort of use and safety. Insulating glass units can include any glass configurations, gaining properties that ensure security and protection against attack, thermal insulation, protection against the sun, protection against noise and decorative values.

Brown MATT

Colorless MATT

Graphite MATT


Light chinchilla


Sliding systems provide the opportunity to use large glazing affecting the interior design and improving its aesthetic qualities and lighting. The system allows for a spectacular view of the garden, convenient access to the terrace or balcony, and passage to the winter garden or glazed annexes. With large glazing on the sunny side, the room will be additionally heated in winter.

Aluminum and PVC profiles can be powder coated. The availability of a wide range of colors makes it possible to obtain an elegant and harmonious appearance of the building, depending on the ingenuity of the designers. Powder paints are characterized by good mechanical parameters, resistance to chemicals, light, changing weather conditions while maintaining the degree of gloss and color stability.

The profiles used for the production of PVC windows are veneered with high-quality decorative foils that are resistant to weather conditions, temperature changes and have high durability. Profile foiling is possible in two variants. The choice of one-sided or double-sided color gives great design and decorative possibilities, depending on the facade of the house and interior design. The presented veneer colors come from the PVC profile manufacturer’s templates.

_32 Golden Oak

_16 Anthrazitgrau

_24 Sapeli

_52 Nussbaum

_ 21 Grau

_AO Antique oak

_38 Bergkiefer

_RC Rustic cherry


_CB Cherry blossom

_SC Siena PR

_42 Macore

_79 Mahagoni

_37 Eiche rustical

_78 Mooreiche

_27 Schokobraun

_80 Schwarzbraun

_67 Cremeweiss

_GE Betongrau

_GD Quarzgrau

_92 Basaltgrau

_88 Stahlblau

_44 Weinrot

_58 Dunkelgrun

_39 Oregon 4

_10 Irish oak

_76 Streifen-Douglasie

_74 Bergeiche

_71 Eiche dunkel ST

_15 Eiche dunkel

_90 Black cherry

_31 Braunmaron

_65 Weiss

_93 Achatgrau

Silber platin

_GA Achatgrau glatt

_50 Singnalgrau glatt

_SG Schiefergrau glatt

_AG Anthrazitgrau glatt

_85 Brillantblau

_87 Kobaltblau

_46 Dunkelrot

_53 Moosgrun

What makes us unique


For many years of our activity, we focused on development, approach to customers and additional services. For us, development means innovation and the search for better and better solutions for joinery, production of modern aluminum and PVC windows and doors.

Energy efficiency

We offer window and door systems with various widths. Therefore, customers can choose the optimal solution for themselves. Energy-saving window systems with the possibility of using a wide range of glazing units allow you to obtain a low heat transfer coefficient.

Profile statics

Durability and stability of window and door profiles thanks to improved statics.

Individual approach

We produce windows to size. Accurate measurements are made by our employees. Customers can choose from a large selection of colors for window and door profiles. The types of glass panes used depend on the preferences and needs of customers.


Our suppliers are world leaders in the window joinery market, known for the best technical solutions that meet the needs of our customers.